Meet Fuzz. Our first love who made our house a home.

Fuzz Is the reason why Bucky & Sam exists today with all of their delicious, and safe treats for mans best friend.

Forever our Little Fuzz Man.

Our Story

Bucky & Sam's dog treats is highly committed to producing and providing the dogs of Australia with 100% natural dog treats with no preservatives or additives. Our treats are made to be mouth watering delicious and irresistible but 100% safe for your dog. We use only dog friendly ingredients which are sourced in Australia.

Bucky & Sam Dog Treats may be named after my current 2 fur babies Bucky & Sam, however the concept and products came to life years ago with my beautiful dog "Fuzz".

Fuzz was a Shih Tzu that we sadly lost when he was only 4.5 years old due to him having countless medical issues. Our 4.5 years with Fuzz was filled with so much love, words just cannot express the joy he brought our family.

It was due to Fuzz's medical issues that I had to get creative and in time was inspired to not only feed Fuzz healthy foods that contained zero preservatives, additives and all the nasty fillers that can be found in products sold today, but to create a range of treats so that he didn't miss out on anything.

After we lost our Fuzz in time we welcomed into our family Bucky & Sam.

Bucky & Sam are 2 completely polar opposites in personality, but are both absolutely incredibly loyal, loving and make our house a home. 

I knew I was going to start making my treats again for Bucky & Sam but I didn't realize that I was going to have to create an entire range of treats to cater for their individual tastes. My fussy little boys!

Friends soon came to know the lengths I went to, to treat my boys with treats that are 100% natural and tasty. Before I knew it I was making and selling treats to those around me and Bucky & Sam dog treats was born.

If you love your dog like I do mine and want to give them all the very best then you cannot go past our dog treats. Every product we sell is 100% preservative and additive free with no added sugars or salts. Every item is tried and tested by Buck & Sam themselves and we pride ourselves on giving you and your fur baby the very best.

Treat! Them With Love.

Thank you for your Support.